(16/21 years)


Dedicated to all future talents aged between 16 and 21 years who out of curiosity or passion want to approach the world of theater and acting in a serious way but not for professional force. To those who wish, through the Theatre, to better develop their creative and relationship skills. For those who want to start a path of theatrical performing arts towards a possible professional opportunities.

Recitazione Futuri talenti


The teaching deepens knowledge and learning of the basic disciplines for the construction of a single actor and in relation to the group through:
Physical and vocal training
Study of theatrical space
Rhythm and listening
Physical and vocal expressive research
Dynamic word
Text analysis


Paola Galassi
Andrea Caimmi

The in-depth study will leave ample room for experimentation and individual growth.


The course will develop in two weekly meetings of one hour and thirty each, on Mondays and Thursdays from 18:00 to 19:30.

Paola Galassi, Docente PAC

Graduated from the Accademia d’Arte Drammatica Paolo Grassi in Milan, she studied violin at the Conservatorio Giuseppe Verdi in Milan. She continued his training working with Giorgio Strehler in “La Tempesta” and in “Arlecchino servitore di due padroni” and working as Assistant director in operas directed by M.Scaparro, F.Crivelli, F. Soleri and G: Ponnelle. She began to write for the theatre and to sign small theatre productions with companies of young graduates from the Academy, winning also awards and important reports. She meets Aldo Giovanni and Giacomo with whom he starts a collaboration that will last for many years. He collaborates and directs many Italian comedians, Claudio Bisio, Geppi Cucciari, Ale and Franz, Rossana Carretto, Natalino Balasso, Le Brugole, Giovanni Vernia, Frank Matano, Francesco Arienzo, and others. For television he is project leader together with Giancarlo Bozzo of all editions of “Buona la Prima” with Ale and Franz, Alessandro Betti and Katia Follesa. On air on “Italia 1”. Today she writes for television and theatrical performances of which she also signs the directories.
She teaches “Costume for the show” at the NABA in Milan. She was coach of “stage holding” for singers during the Xfactor broadcast. For three years she directed the Scuola del Teatro stabile delle Marche (where she was also an acting teacher). She collaborates with the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart of Milan, taking courses in “Public Speaking” within some Master’s Degrees

Foto Andrea Caimmi - Docente PAC Pesaro

He graduated as an actor at the Theatre School of Bologna and graduated in Modern Literature at the University of the same city, with a thesis on Gadda. In theatre he has worked with Nanni Garella, Francesco Macedonio, Walter Pagliaro, Massimo Navone, Cherif, Leo Muscato, Roberta Biagiarelli, Sonia Antinori. He took part in “Uno Zio Vanja” adaptation by Cechov by Letizia Russo, directed by Vinicio Marchioni and in the “Brancaleone- Viaggio di inizio millennio” adaptation by Giampiero Solari.

He deals with dramaturgy: he wrote and directed “My Piece of Road”, “Pro loco”, “Shake-shake-shake”, “Like Moby Dick”. In 2013 he won the Enriquez Prize for a Theatre of Civil Engagement with Korpus Polski, on the story of the II Polish Army Corps in World War II. Convinced of the pedagogical function of the theater, he has been collaborating for years with the Compagnia Lo Stagno di Goethe of Turin on the project Lezioni Recitate, telling in conventional and non-conventional spaces, “Enea Profugo” by Franco Pezzini and “Sister of the Sun-Leopardi, the moon and science”written by him, and deals with training within European projects that apply art as a means of conflict resolution. He was a lecturer at the Scuola di Teatro dello Stabile delle Marche and has held numerous theatre workshops for teenagers. He has worked in television and fiction with Cameracafé, Piloti, Don Matteo. On film with Vinicio Marchioni (The Vanja earthquake), Damiano Giacomelli (La Strada Vecchia- Castelrotto), Mario Martone (Il Giovane Favoloso), Paolo Consorti (Aqua alle corde- Giardino Cielo e Terra).