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Welcome to the PAC – Performing Arts Center, a vibrant art center located in the heart of Pesaro. Led with passion by Giampiero Solari and Paola Galassi, PAC is a place where theatre comes to life in every age. We offer immersive courses for everyone, from young people to adults, with a versatile approach: both for those looking for fun through the theater, both for those with professional ambitions. Explore the world of scenic expression with us, in a welcoming and stimulating environment, where performing arts blend with creativity and experience.

The PAC – Performing Arts Center employs highly qualified teachers with proven professional experience. Accreditation for vocational training guarantees the possession of requirements established with similar criteria throughout Italy and represents a recognition of the quality of vocational training.

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Il PAC – Performing Arts Center, dotato di una spaziosa sala di 300 metri quadri, camerini e laboratori, offre un ambiente all’avanguardia con attrezzature di alto livello. Questo spazio polivalente non solo promuove l’arte scenica, ma accoglie anche piccoli eventi teatrali e di varie tipologie, creando un luogo dinamico per l’espressione artistica e culturale.

Foto Giampiero Solari, Docente PAC

Giampiero Solari, playwright and director, one of the most important names of his generation, led the Teatro Stabile delle Marche and directed classical and contemporary plays, was artistic director of Sky Italia and directed the Scuola di Teatro Paolo Grassi in Milan. His artistic versatility has also been expressed through the staging of major television events and cultural projects, consolidating his impact in the world of the arts.

Paola Galassi, Docente PAC

Paola Galassi, playwright and director, graduated from the Accademia Paolo Grassi and with a musical education at the Conservatorio Verdi, is a renowned theatre and television director. With over thirty years of experience, he directs public speaking courses for companies and teaches at NABA, Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti, in Milan.

Teatro per bambini


(6-11 years)

All children between the ages of 6 and 11 who want, through the theater, animate the imagination, give voice to the sensitivity, play with the imagination and enhance their personality along with that of the group. job opportunities with artistic and creative realities.

Recitazione Junior


(12/15 years)

All children aged between 12 and 15 who wish, through the theater, to experiment and get involved with fun, discipline and sensitivity, enhancing their personality and that of the group in a creative and active way.

Recitazione Futuri talenti


(16/21 years)

Dedicated to all future talents aged between 16 and 21 years who out of curiosity or passion want to approach the world of theater and acting in a serious way but not for professional force. To those who wish, through the Theatre, to better develop their creative and relationship skills. For those who want to start a path of theatrical performing arts towards a possible professional opportunities.

Recitazione Base


(for all over 21 years)

Open to all, both without experience and with an interest to discover new facets of themselves through dramatic art. Guided by experienced teachers, you will have the opportunity to acquire the basics of acting and to explore expressiveness, body language and scenic communication. An immersive experience that could open the door to future paths in theatrical art.

Teatro Comico


All people who want to get involved in search of their part more ironic and fun. For those who love to laugh and make laugh through processes and reflections that know how to transform everyday life and their personality with irony and fun.

PAC - Performing Arts Center Pesaro - Logo

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